Technical plan v3.1.2

Notice extended: Helps to draw the technical floor plan

Cost: 15 USD

Price for legal entities:
2000 ₽

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geo_add_opening ID_GEOAO.png
Draws openings, window / door / block (door + window) in the indicated place between two polylines. The position of the opening is set approximately by the cursor, the size of the opening can be set exactly.
To change the type of opening or change its size, use the prompts on the command line

geo_add_opening_exactly ID_GEOAOE.png
Draws openings, requesting the position of the angle of the opening, its size and position relative to the angle.

geo_add_dim_and_ar ID_GEOADA.png
Signs the size, number and area of ​​the premises. Input and selection of basic parameters is available. At the same time, two methods of choosing premises are supported: "all at once" or "one at a time"
geo_add_tech_tab ID_GEOAT.png

Forms an explication of premises based on selected blocks with numbers and area.


The application is installed automatically, in AutoCAD (and CIVL 3D) starting from version 2013. On the Ribbon, on the "Add-ons" tab, the "Tech Plan" panel will appear

For earlier versions, after installation, you need to download the Geo_Tech_Plan.VLX file using the LOAD command and the Tech_Plan_light.cuix file using the MENUSAG command, you can find these files here C: \ ProgramData \ Autodesk \ ApplicationPlugins \ BearDyugin_Geo_Tech_Plan.bundle \ Contents


Removing is done using regular Windows methods through the Control Panel -> Add / Remove Programs

Briefly about us

Hello! My name is Alexander Berdyugin.

I wrote the first applications for myself, relying on my experience in cameral work, after that I tested them myself, constantly applying them in my work, found and fixed bugs, added new functions to further automate cameral processing.

Now I am only engaged in the development of applications (in fact, writing code is only a third of the case, it still takes a lot of time to design buttons, panels, writing certificates, recording video clips, technical support, issuing certificates, and much more ...). Those. I don’t work as a surveyor, I don’t do any office work, and I can’t test my modules in practice. The only testing, when I record a video instruction, I find bugs and ideas come up for further improvement or addition.

Therefore, feedback is very important, if something does not work for you or does not work - write to me, or this is a bug and with your help I will find out and fix it, or I will tell you how to properly prepare the data for the application to work. Or not all routine processes are automated yet - write to me, and together we will figure out how to make AutoCAD work for you.

Briefly about us

Comprehensive Solutions For Autocad

AutoCAD is software for 3D computer modeling from Autodesk, which is developed for product design, buildings, production planning, civil infrastructure and construction.

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